So most of you probably know that I was getting bloody noses (really just my right nostril) pretty frequently beginning some time in April which most likely resulted in our new apartment being so dry. In the beginning it only happened about once a week and not more than a few drops of blood. It ramped up a bit in June to occur almost everyday, but stopped. However, it’s begun again…and with a vengeance, waterfall vengeance, daily waterfall vengeance. Normally the blood would begin to flow when I was only in the apartment, but it’s been occurring more frequently outside, like at work or while playing softball. I’d just pinch my nose for a minute or two and it’d stop, but now I need to hold my nose for a good five minutes.

So thanks to the prompting of my loving mother, I finally saw an ENT doctor today. She said that it was most likely due to the dryness of the air in the apartment and that instead of using a saline spray to moisten my nostrils, I should be using a gel. So she looked up my nostril with a magnifier pen and saw a red spot where the blood vessel was broken. She then sprayed both nostrils with a numbing agent and took what looked like a super long matchstick and cauterized the red spot. It stung, but wasn’t bad at all, but the numbing agent was the real horror…some of the liquid dripped down the back of my throat, thereby giving me a nasty tasting numbing sensation whenever I swallowed.

I have to return for a follow-up appointment, but hopefully the cauterization, new gel, and prescription ointment will work and heal this blood vessel from hell.

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