Mike & Mike

One of the few things that I enjoy from working at Elite Academy during my free summer days is getting to drive to work while listening to 1050 ESPN radio (and Elvis Duran and the Z100 morning zoo). I take the subway to school year-round, so I would only be able to listen to sports radio around 7pm on the days that I drive into the city to pick up the wife from work and by then the Michael Kay show is over and they’re broadcasting a sports game. Their analysis’ and opinions are pretty insightful and are sometimes far deeper than what one would read from a sports writer online. I mostly like all of them except for the new Mike Lupica from the Daily News. Oh man, he’s so terrible and annoying, I think he tries to sound like Mad Dog from when he was on Sports Radio 660 AM years ago. My favorite is Steven A. Smith…he uses such big vocabulary words, lol!

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