I Hate Sharing

One of my co-workers was absent recently and his student comes in and says that he purchased two slices of pizza for the absent co-worker because he gave him money for it earlier in the week. Since this particular gentleman was not present to enjoy the two slices, me and another co-worker took it upon ourselves to relieve this student of his pizza-holding duties by eating the two slices. The next day the co-worker questions if we know what a refrigerator is used for. In gratitude, I offer him my entire bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel. He respectfully declines, but was open to accepting a small piece which I happily obliged. The following day I order and receive another bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel, but leave it wrapped up for lacking the time to sit and eat. After running around, I return to my desk in anticipation of enjoying my breakfast when lo and behold I come to see that someone had ripped off a piece of my sandwich for their own personal pleasure without my expressed acknowledged consent. Of course it was my pizza co-worker, but I did not agree to this unspoken thievery. I am still in debt for his two slices still outweigh the two pieces of my morning sandwich, but still…I hate sharing. Especially with rude people.

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