Sleeves Off, Safeties Off, Game Starts in 5

I think this was absolutely the best way to begin the much anticipated Memorial Day weekend: Playing paintball with my students. I had my doubts because I’ve read and heard nothing but terrible reviews of NYC Paintball in LIC, but man, I had a ton of fun. Yes, they only have two playing fields, but I’ve always known that I prefer small maps when playing fps video games, so NYC Paintball was exactly up my alley…lol! Because I was able to see where the other team started, plus the fact that some of my students bunched up like lemmings, I didn’t have to worry about crawling and searching for the enemy while making sure I didn’t get ambushed, so therefore I was able to follow where the enemy was hiding and flourished. I had multiple killstreaks and everyone wanted to be on my team. The games were quick and intense, especially with 15 vs. 15, and our refs were fast in beginning new games. I was also able to try out my new Tippmann Gryphon marker and it performed pretty well. I didn’t like the fact that the refs lowered its velocity because of the small fields, but it was hilarious when in the last game I was able to lob my paintballs over the bunkers without the enemy seeing me crouched.

In the end, NYC Paintball exceeded my expectations and getting to shoot my students was a definite plus.

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