Flawless Victory

I put long hours and into the creation of my exams. The times that I inform my students that I will make the next test easy is simply a lie that my students know all too well. I want my students to do well and I know I have the power to do so very easily, but I would be doing my students a disservice if my exams do not mirror the difficulty and complexity of the year end regents exam, for my exams should be an indicator, a predicator of how well or poorly they will ultimately score on the assessment. Therefore it is impossible for me to create an easy exam. There is not such thing in my classes. And for a student to score perfectly is a great achievement, one that I cherish with bliss. It means that I did my job correctly and that I am blessed with one who is motivated and hard working. The double zero is a rare sight and may not arise again for months or years to come.

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