Ever since beginning this tumblr thing, it reminds me of the days of old when I blogged on xanga. I’ve resisted visiting the site, but I couldn’t resist this time because I needed inspiration for today’s entry and I was curious as to what exactly drove me to blog on xanga. And now I know.

I last xanga-ed in September of 2008, which I thought would have been much earlier. I blogged way too much about movies, to the point of embarrassment. I know now why people always ask me about the latest movies. In any case, I was searching for two particular entries and found them in the days leading up to my wedding. We were engaged and I vowed to sell some of my toys on ebay to de-clutter before moving. I’m not sure how successful I was on selling some of my toys, but I vividly remember posting two action-figure comic entries. I must say, they still live up to my boyish ingenuity. I shall copy and post them in the two subsequent entries.

to be continued…

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