To read or not to read…

For a while, since last Christmas, I’ve lost my edge. I just haven’t been able to pick up and commit to a video game. Yes, the selection is lacking, but even the lure of my favorite genre, first-person shooter games, hasn’t been tempting. After much contemplation, I’ve concluded that part of the sudden departure signifies my desire for better and more engrossing stories. It’s pretty difficult to find a video game that can be as deep as metal gear solid or mass effect 2. So after much distress and research, I decided to pick up a novel…A Game of Thrones. Why? It has great reviews on Amazon and for some reason I love like reading novels that possess some type of visual representation either from film or television. In this case, Game of Thrones is being produced and presented on HBO. However, what’s difficult is that I can’t stop watching so I have to keep reading to be on pace with the show. I rather read first and then watch how other writers and producers interpret the source material, but I’ve been delinquent in the former. Nonetheless, Game of Thrones is very different from the usual Lord of the Rings or typical medieval setting. It’s more of a soap opera with deception, malice, and lies with little¬†mysticism…but I have hope for the book and will persevere.

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