This is what I generally look like right before I begin cutting my own hair.

I’m more of a hardware type of person as opposed to software. I’ve built my own PC, but a 12 year-old can probably program better than me. Since the advent of youtube, DIY tutorial videos have been more readily available, thereby empowering the consumer to do and fix things on their own rather than hiring someone else. I’ve done a few repairs on my car, tiled and grouted part of my bathroom, put together Ikea furniture, and constructed gundam models…ha.

But I think my very first DIY project was 10 years ago when I set out to cut my hair. Since a kid, I’ve been to every kind of barber shop: The lemon tree, the local Russian, Asians in Flushing. But I found it frustrating that I couldn’t find a good and consistent barber. So being inspired by my friends in college, I remember one day during winter break when I spent three hours cutting my hair for the very first time. Since then my experience points have exponentially grown and I take under an hour. I’m quite proud to say that I haven’t spent a dime on a haircut ever since. I even cut my hair for my own wedding.

So no driving, waiting, sitting with mistrust, or paying for my haircut. I don’t even have a clue as to how much a haircut costs these days. $12 + tip? Let’s say $14 x 12 trips a year x 10 years = $1680 in savings…and counting!

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