Why now? I turned 30 this past February and I’m beginning to see myself in a different light. I think I expected it. Not because I’m “over the hill”, but the fact that Jesus’ ministry supposedly began at age 30 has always stuck with me. Not to say that He wasn’t qualified or inadequate to teach before 30, but I believe God wanted His son to experience life first so he can relate to others before ministering to them. I like living in the past. That’s why I like toys, movies, and video games. Reminds me of a time of innocence and such.

In any case…I miss xanga and all of its deep blog posts that it promoted, and I think facebook is beginning to lose its appeal, slighly. If I were Zuckerberg I would have cashed in on fb right about now, especially after his movie. But then again I can see where he’s taking it, a portal for all things internet.

So I think 30 is big for me. Big things are already happening which I shall dwell on at later times. I hope this is the first of many posts, but more likely the first of a few…limited edition. We shall see. Ha!

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